On March 17th, IUM welcomed Mr. Stéphane Thuillier, who talked about sport sponsorship to the MSc in Sport Business Management students.

Sport SponsoringMost large sports organisations and successful players depend on the income and support of their sponsors. Many could not survive without this type of partnership. And it works both ways. Businesses like to be associated with sports clubs and players. It helps build their reputation within the community, generates goodwill and can be considered as a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising. Sport Sponsorships have become an integral component of marketing strategy.

A long-time Sports Marketing instructor at HEC Paris, Stéphane Thuillier brings his rich professional background into the classroom to the benefit of students.  Mr. Thuillier initially worked in advertising and the online banking business. He subsequently transitioned toward the sports industry, where he pursued a successful career as Marketing Director of the prominent Paris Saint Germain (PSG) Football club, one of the leading football clubs in France. Mr. Thuillier oversaw the club’s Marketing and Commercial Strategy for over a decade. During his time at PSG, he contributed to the football club’s strategic development, commercial and business development, and communication and media management. His work in customer relationship management led him to earn the prestigious “Micro Décision” award.

An entrepreneur and co-founder of TeamStadia, Mr. Thuillier currently runs a consulting firm that advises key players in the sports and entertainment industries on how to reinvent their business models to optimize stadium and club operations, in order to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Mr. Thuillier brings his passion, knowledge and experience in sports and entertainment to students of all ages at HEC Paris.  He teaches at the HEC Paris Summer School, Masters and Executive level, and also offers his expertise and mentorship as a dissertation director for students pursuing theses in the field of sports and entertainment.

Mr. Thuillier’s main areas of interest are the profitability of the sports and entertainment industries as well as how key players adapt their strategies to a high level of risk. He earned his undergraduate degree from Sciences Po, Paris, and his Masters in Marketing from the Univeristy of Strathclyde where he published his thesis on Internet developments in Retail Banking. He also obtained a Marketing specialization Certificate in Applied Statistics and Decision Making from the National Conservatory of “Arts et Métiers”.


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