Veronica Sartori

Hello everybody!

My name is Veronica, I’m 36 years old (a young girl…) and I have 2 big passions: rock climbing and being a Fashion Merchandiser!

My actual position is Global Wholesale Merchandising Manager at Tod’s, which in one word means Merchandiser.

Being a merchandiser means trying to make appreciable and balanced fashion collections in order to exploit their full potential in terms of business i.e.: Creative Director says: “this year I just think that the it-girl will wear a little brown dead chipmunk on her head…” Merchandiser replies: “well actually it’s a very inspiring idea and I think it will work, however besides the poor little chipmunk, I would love to have black trousers, fitted on the hips would be fantastic…”

More than that when the collection is ready my job is to ensure a proper assortment in every store, DOS and Wholesale, in order to guarantee a correct image and product variety.

In doing my job I always have to bear in mind that my first goal is to make the fashion Industry make money.

I had the fantastic opportunity to teach at IUM. It has been a great adventure both personally and professionally. I gave a 30 hours class on Retail Merchandising and Buying. What I tried to convey to my students was my professional experience, I explained to them exactly how it works in real life, what the real problems are and how to deal with them. At the end of my class I even asked them to buy a real collection as if it was a true job.

Anyone interested in working in the Fashion Industry should actually study retail as retail is the ultimate center of the Industry and the true moneymaker.

Retail is the field where brands play against each other: it is where their success is determined.

In Retail stores brands express themselves: they can expose their collection as they like conveying their desired message.

A buyer is usually a Retail buyer (a multi-brand wholesale buyer comes from the Retail) as well as a Merchandiser.

Retail is the School of Fashion Industry.

IUM is a great, multicultural school, full of interesting people coming from various academic backgrounds thanks to whom my experience was amazing. Students are starving for learning: they are proactive, curious and willing to absorb as much as possible.

I hope to teach at IUM again!