Bachelor in Communication student, Inès Bensalah, 20 years old, is entering the Fashion industry.

Bachelor in CommunicationIUM Bachelor in Communication program often attracts creative and multi-talented individuals. Sometimes painter, sometimes fashion designer, sometimes writer, Inès perfectly represents the students in this program.

I’ve always been attracted by the world of fashion but I choose to go to a business school because I wanted to understand the world of business. Not only IUM gives me the necessary theoretical knowledge but also offers me networking opportunities and business insights from professionals often invited during our courses. It helps us a lot to better understand company organization and challenges, customers’needs and issues, and the importance of marketing and communication. All these understandings are a plus for an independent designer who wants to work in the fashion industry, mentioned Inès.

This young sparkling, ambitious and determined woman has been working on her projects for one year and a half. In her creations, you can feel her vision of the current society and her generation.

By moving away from the current fashion influence, she is creating her own audacious style while showing her personality.

I want to create and to evolve in a world where I can express myself and paint on the walls of my own destiny.
Though my young age, I would also like to prove that we can achieve our dreams if we adopt the right mindset and have enough motivation and love for what we do to succeed. « Let your passion drive you to your profession » could be my mantra. I want to inspire people and prove them that if you have a dream (no matter how old you are), if you give your best and if you are determined, you can succeed. My ambition is to be recognized as a designer and visionary artist in order to impact our generation, said Inès.

She recently participated in the “Gala Niss’Arts Talents“, a caritative event which aims at financing holidays for underprivileged kids, helping disadvantaged elderly people but also promoting young artists in fashion, photography and painting area.

At IUM, we teach students to follow their dreams regardless of the field. Many of them launch their own company or activity during their studies. As their Professor, I am proud because they follow the message of their heart and they apply one of my first advice ‘to dream and to be creative’. Inès is one of these students whose skills, personality and dynamisms were developed through the Bachelor in Communication courses, said Dr. Jauffret, Professor in Communication.

We wish all the best to Inès!


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