On March 4, 2011, students from the Master in International Business and Global Affairs of the International University of Monaco have organized the first Model United Nations (MUN) in Monaco, under the supervision of their program director, Dr. Marie-José Rinaldi-Larribe.

The IUM team is honored to have been granted the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco for this outstanding event in the heart of the Principality.

The Model UN is a simulation game aiming to educate students about current world events, geopolitical challenges and multilateral diplomacy, which brings together students from different backgrounds to find global solutions to the critical issue of development, in the framework of the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Through this simulation of a UN General Assembly, students have discussed means to achieve the 8th goal set by the UN for 2015, in particular the crucial issue of the financing of development. Innovative ideas and proposals have been brought by the 42 participants, from IUM but also from other Business Schools and Universities of the region. In the end, they have agreed on two UN resolutions recommending new ways to improve the Global Partnership for Development.

The event was sponsored by the Office of International Cooperation and Development of Monaco and by the company Es-Ko. Observers from international organizations and NGOs have evaluated delegations’ respect for United Nations protocol and behavior, diplomacy, and negotiation skills. In the end, they have chosen the best delegation, which represented Nigeria.

This event was the first model UN ever organized in Monaco, and it will certainly be followed by other Monaco MUNs, marking the launch of a partnership between IUM, in particular of its Master in International Business and Global Affairs, and the UN representation for Europe in Brussels, represented by Mr. J-Pierre Bugada.

The Monaco MUN Organization Team:
The Monaco MUN Organization Team comprises students from the Master’s in International Business & Global Affairs (MIBGA) class of 2011 at the International University of Monaco. The MIBGA students represent seven countries – Bulgaria, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Nigeria, and Romania. They all benefit from the necessary skills and knowledge the MIBGA program provides for them to succeed in an increasingly fast-paced, highly competitive and complex world in a broad range of disciplines of the international business and global policy.

A MUN Blog has been created for the event: http://munmonaco.blogspot.com

TV reportage made by Monaco TV