Choosing the right finance specialization is a key aspect to make your degree even more valuable to a future career in this field.

The finance world is exceedingly broad, and the right concentration or specialization can help graduates narrow their focus to specific skills and trends.

When considering a finance specialization, keep in mind the most popular and in-demand areas within the industry as a whole. And more importantly, as Dr. Moscato, Director of the MSc in Finance program, said in a previous article: “Finding the right program implies knowing yourself, understanding your motivations and objectives and doing some research about the value offered by the programs and the schools you target.”


Which FINANCE SPECIALIZATION should you choose?


  • You have excellent communication skills and are numerically proficient
  • You have acquired some financial knowledge through your previous studies and/or through your professional experience
  • You want to strengthen your ability to structure investment portfolios and solutions for high net worth investors as well as for institutional clients
  • You aspire to join a private bank, an asset management company or a family office



  • You are a driven, detail oriented individual
  • Your previous studies and/or your previous work experience have allowed you to acquire good financial fundamentals
  • You are passionate about financial markets and more generally about investments and financial products
  • You aspire to an analyst position within a dynamic fund or an investment bank, with the ambition to move to a managing position later on in your career


MSc in Finance - ARTUSIO Matteo“Nowadays, in an more increasingly competitive environment, being specialized in a specific field is getting more important than in the past. For this reason, I decided to do my MSc in Finance, Hedge Funds & Private Equity specialization in Monaco at IUM. 

Professors are experienced professionals with great backgrounds which allow students to have a up-to-date practical view on each subject. The Master program challenges me and leads me to develop more critical and analytical thinking.

I really enjoyed a project we did in class in which we had to set-up an Hedge Fund with a specific investment strategy and presented it in front of professionals of the industry.

Matteo ARTUSIO, Italian, MSc in Finance 2020

So now think ahead and choose wisely!


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