This year, the MSc in Luxury Management study trip was set in Paris.

Experiencing Luxury -Msc in Luxury Management - study tripEvery year, IUM organizes study trips to give students the opportunity to experience firsthand how luxury companies work nowadays. During three days, they had the chance and the pleasure to visit several iconic companies of the luxury industry.

As Annalisa Tarquini, Director of the MSc in Luxury Management program, said:

“The Study Trip is an important part of the learning experience of the MSc in Luxury Management program.

It helps our students understand what is behind the scene of this diverse industry…..something you cannot do without meeting the professionals.

This is a unique opportunity to meet with big players, top executive, craftsmanships. For our students, companies open their doors and give them access to hidden places and private areas. For instance we had the privilege of seeing a master watchmaker working on a priceless watch. It was incredible, you cannot access it except if you are VIP clients…..It’s an invaluable experience.

It is also an exceptional networking opportunity. Our students met some of our alumni who are now professionals in this area and some of them had recruitment interviews with Bottega Veneta for instance.” 


During this three-day trip, students had the chance to meet with passionate professionals from Louis Vuitton, Barnes International Luxury Real Estate, Saint Laurent Paris.

They learned a lot about the customer journey with Mad Network, Fauchon l’hotel and Le Grand Cafe, Bottega Veneta, and Chloe.

Last but not least, they discovered the world of craftsmanship with private visite of the astonishing Hermes Boutique “Le Plongeoir” and the world of “Petit h”. They were welcomed into the exclusive world of FP Journe watches. And to finish, pretended to be a Nez at Musee Fragonard!

This study trip is also a way for students to live some unforgetable experiences all together and established life-long relationships!


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