Before Christmas, we met with Christos Tsiakos, an IUM student enrolled in the Executive MBA (EMBA) Online program.

As most of the EMBA students, Christos holds a full-time position. He is Senior Director of  Operations for Foods– Europe and Africa—at Del Monte International GmbH in Monaco. He is responsible for heading the company’s Foods division in Europe and Africa and directs the commercial, marketing and operational activities of the division in the region.


Executive MBA Online Why have you chosen the IUM Executive MBA Online ?

I did a lot of research before choosing the IUM EMBA program. The main reasons that made me chose the IUM MBA was the flexibility of the program, the fact that it is based in Monaco, and the program structure where attendance was obligatory for three of the four residential weeks over the two years of the program. This fit my work commitments and it was easier to manage.


What are the main added values of the Executive MBA ?

Being already half way through the program I can say that the fact that the program has an applied approach instead of being purely academic was a very pleasant surprise. This is strengthened by the fact that most of the professors in the program have a strong professional pedigree and focus on the applications of the theory. Finally the residential weeks that bring together the Online students and the full time MBAs is an excellent platform to learn, share ideas and take advantage of the multicultural environment of the IUM.


What would you say to potential students who are thinking of joining IUM?

For those who are looking for a strong program that is flexible enough to fit around a busy working schedule they should not look any further. The online platform is very effective, making you feel like you are in a classroom without being obliged to leave your office or home. Even when travelling you can attend classes. Finally the applied approach of the program makes homework a lot more fun and in many occasions will help you address issues at your work with a different perspective.


How do you see yourself in 5, 10 years?

I was promoted to my new role only 6 months inside the program so in the next few years my full attention will dedicated to my new role ensuring that the division grows sustainably in the region. Eventually I would love to experience working outside Europe and then use all the experience gained throughout my career to start my own business.



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