The Master in International Management: a variety of career opportunities

The Master of Science in International Management at IUM uses a digital and entrepreneurial approaches in a sustainable global environment to make sure students acquire the interdisciplinary skills to become efficient international managers.

The MSc in International Management curriculum offers courses that answer the main 21st century challenges. Such courses are covered as Competitive Intelligence, Mega Trends in the Digital Economy and Digital Marketing, Innovation Management, New Business Models, and Entrepreneurship (How to make a sustainable business? for instance).


entrepreneurial Msc in International ManagementThe contemporary business environment is in full mutation, digitalization and globalization are reshaping every industry sector with new technology disrupting the old models. Organizations have to reinvent themselves to thrive in the new competitive landscape.To be active players in this deep transformation, next generation leaders will need to combine agile management skills with an entrepreneurial and creative mindset to operate in the fast changing global business ecosystem.
If you want to get ready to manage international teams on innovative projects, to develop creative ways of thinking, and to make quick decisions to seize new business opportunities, join us in the Master in International Management program at IUM. You will learn from top of the class professors but also from managers and entrepreneurs, working on real-world projects with classmates from all over the world.

Marjorie Bertschy, Program Director


Career Opportunities

A master in International Management focusing on business creation tackles a broad variety of career paths:

  • Common positions from international Business Management, with a strong component of innovation
  • Emerging positions from the digital transformation
  • Consulting positions in a large corporation tackling innovation challenges, in the emerging business players, that reinvent business value chains and consumption modes, or in entrepreneurial ventures or venture capital institutions
  • Business analyst
  • Consultant digital workplace
  • Service manager
  • International business developper
  • Key account manager
  • Import/export manager
  • Digital transformation project leader


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