Two alumni successfully presented their amazing project at Monacotech, the startup program cofounded by the Principality of Monaco, Monaco Telecom and Xavier Niel.

Everything started as a crazy student dream and now it came true!

Two of our former Bachelor in Communication students, Rebwar Ismail & Nidhal Hachana, have successfully presented their amazing project at Monacotech. Their company, Black River, will be working in Monaco on an innovative submarine for deep-water exploration!

We are excited to see were the river of opportunity is heading, its an unknown and very exciting phase for us, said Nidhal

One of my very first sketches dated back to 2010, with the vision of a manned submersible underwater vehicle that moves like a fish. I began to think of it again and to materialize the project shortly after I graduated from my Bachelor in Communication at IUM. I worked with two engineers from Serbia at the end of 2015, designing and validating the technology implemented. The team was completed around 2016, when Nidhal joined the dream and vision of Black River, said Rebwar

Bachelor in Communication - MonacoTechBlack River is a new startup that will venture into the unknown depths of the underwater world. The company will develop innovative underwater technological solutions and vehicles to go beyond the realms of possibility. In addition to their desire to venture into the unexplored, the company wants to develop technology to assist the subsea market participants. They want to cater to the increasing demands and needs of commercial and government entities that operate in various coastal regions around the world that require a good understanding and knowledge of underwater terrains.

Now we need to focus on our smaller prototype, the BR100, which will become our “proof of concept” model to initiate and validate the larger one. We are on our validation phase for the BR100. In the next couple of months, we will perfect it and check its feasibility. Our first trials and assembling of the prototype will be conducted at the end of May 2018, said the team

The entire IUM community congrats them and whishes them all the best for the future of their project.

This is the second time IUM alumni presented successfully their project to MonacoTech. Thus, YouStock, launched by Alexis Bouresche, MSc in Sport Business Management 2014, is one of the startups incubated by MonacoTech since last year.


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