This current and final semester was a really special one for the master of science students of the Luxury Hospitality and Event Management program. We were given the task to gather the knowledge we had acquire during this past year to organize an “end of the year” celebration farewell party for all the Masters students of IUM. An assignment that comes with challenges, deadlines, and stress periods but is for sure also filled with a great amount of fun! We wanted to make our teacher Andrea Barbagelata proud of his fellow students of 2014!

The process…

MSc in Luxury Hospitality and Event ManagementThe 24 of us were split in different teams: Location, Guests, Budget & Sponsors, Entertainment & Decorations and Food & Beverages. Each team had the mission to work on their special tasks to come up with a “La crème de la crème” event!

Being 24 in a group meant also 15 different nationalities, 24 distinctive points of views and on top of all, a budget to respect. The whole organization was strewed with fierce debates and long process of decision-making. We learned first hand the realities and insights of the event management world. But at the end, it was all worth it!

We started from the key concept of the famous Parisian event, “Le Dîner en Blanc” and therefore, decided to keep the location secret until the very last minute. The guests were extremely curious and this gave the event a very mysterious and spicy touch from the start! After multiple inquiries to companies for the location, we chose The Baia Beniamin, an enchanting and breathtaking site by the beach in Vintimiglia, Italy. For the food and beverages, we had the chance to have an Italian girl in our class who knew a catering company from her village in Italy. Delicious Italian food, how could we have resisted!

MSc in Luxury Hospitality and Event Management

The event was promoted through our IUM final party Facebook page, flyers around the two university buildings, screenings of the invitations on the university’s TVs, as well as labeled bottled water available at Gianni’s cafeteria.

The tickets were sold during lunch break and we were getting people attention with music and colorful balloons. Over 140 tickets were sold and everyone’s expectations were simply exceeded! A special thank you to our famous Gianni who let us put our promotional flyer on the bottles of water at the cafeteria!


The Big Day!

MSc in Luxury Hospitality and Event ManagementMay 28th, you could felt the animosity in our morning class and the stress for the night to come. Every one gave their last 100% during this day. We blew balloons for an entire afternoon, fixed decorations & entertainments and ran everywhere for last minute errands…what a day! Buses were waiting in front of IUM at 7pm, ready to take our guests to the secret location! We welcomed our guests with a glass of Prosecco and we were giving them light stick bracelet.

The night was a real success to our eyes and it was truly rewarding for us to see our friends and special guests enjoying their evening. People were taking funny pictures at our photo booth, enjoying the food and the music or relaxing in our shisha lounge.

MSc in Luxury Hospitality and Event ManagementThey were also participating in the golf contest by the beach to get the chance to win a gift certificate from our sponsor: Nike Store Monaco! We ordered golf balls made from fish food to add a sustainable touch to our event!

We literally had to push people in the bus to go home. The overall organization of our event was rich in emotions and allowed us to get a full sense of the event management world!

Exactly what we expect from the program we study in. We were blessed to share this assignment with our very special group, as it completes inspiringly the end of our journey at IUM.





Written by Lidia, current MSc in Luxury Hospitality and Event Management student