On June 4th-7th, Dr Marie-Cécile Cervellon attended the 42nd annual conference of the European Marketing Academy, held in Istanbul, Turkey.


She presented a research which follows from her article published in the Journal of Advertising in 2012 “Victoria’s Dirty Secrets: Effectiveness of Green non-for-profit Messages Targeting Brands”.  The new paper presented at EMAC 2013 investigates, through an experimental design, consumers’ responses to brands targeted by Not-for-Profit organizations (such as PETA, GREENPEACE etc.) for failure to be eco-friendly and, subsequently complying with Not-for-Profit organizations’ demands.

This paper is published in the proceedings of the conference and will be published in a scientific journal with international scope in 2014. Dr Cervellon’s researches issues related to sustainable consumption in high status and hedonic industries.