Maya BayOn June 4, a week after our guest presentation at IUM from the Maya Bay manager and chef, our class was invited to experience Maya Bay from the ambiance to the menu. From the moment we entered, we felt like a VIP group just from their welcome and seating.

With an incredible ambiance and amazing décor, Maya Bay is more than dining at a restaurant, it is an experience -a unique unforgettable experience. As we were enjoying the exquisite wines and champagnes, one by one, the menu items came out. The presentation of the dishes looked stunning and appetizing. Tasting the fresh herbs, spices and ingredients with every bite was the true definition of gastronomy. We were given the opportunity to taste every menu item and it was impossible to narrow it down to one favorite dish.

The class thoroughly enjoyed Maya Bay, and witnessed firsthand true customer service and hospitality. The IUM class of Luxury Hospitality expresses its gratitude to Maya Bay for this warm and generous welcome.