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Inga Linda, IUM DBA Candidate

DBA candidate at IUM since 2015, Inga Linda Toma is currently researching on “The impact of real-time business intelligence and advanced analytics on the behaviour of business decision makers”. 

Kahneman D. in his book “Thinking fast and slow” writes that we all would like to have a warning bell that rings loudly whenever we are about to make a serious error, but no such bell is available. In organizational decision-making processes, however, very often it is possible to integrate Artificial Intelligence warnings. How decision makers would respond to such warnings and would they really change their decision in case of receiving warning about decision consequences is still an open question.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business analytics (BA) is one of the approaches to support managers in making well- informed/evidence-based business decisions. Although, there are many tools to support leaders, organizational decision-making processes are still susceptible to errors and biases. Despite huge investments, BA projects continue to fail. From one side research papers show that managers require information in their decision making process, whereas from another side there are studies presenting that business decisions are often made based on gut feelings and intuitions ignoring part or all of the available data/information.

Research concerning the impact of AI on cognitive constrains is missing. The research “The impact of real-time business intelligence and advanced analytics on the behaviour of business decision makers” will be an important contribution to filling that gap. Using experiments authors of this research investigate whether information delivery in the time when the business decision is being made influences or changes the decision maker’s mind, and thereby, leads to a different decision outcome. The research contributes to descriptive and prescriptive decision theory and adds to existing literature in the field of business analytics, artificial intelligence and selective perception. Findings from online experiments will provide insights into the decision maker behaviour when warnings about decision consequences are given. Detected tendencies will provide data scientists with hints on how to better design AI systems to support decision makers.

Her Research received the best presentation award in the 1st International conference on Information Management and Processing (ICIMP 2018).

Inga Linda TomaDBA Candidate - Inga Linda Toma inspires, motivates and educates on how to leverage emerging technologies to unlock your competitive edge.

She is a professional, results-oriented business analyst and Business Intelligence consultant with a proven ability to drive profitable improvement through strategic growth and quality enhancement.

As an expert at analysing problems and capitalising on business opportunities, she has achieved rapid progress in taking on major projects from the planning stage through to implementation.

While working to create the most effective solutions for the project, she makes sure that core values of the organisation, its vision, as well as its goals are integrated into business processes.

She enjoys collaborating within a team environment and working towards shared goals.

She is a real Go-getter with a can-do attitude and works well as a member of a team or on her own to meet strict deadlines. Her personal value system contains such core values as Respect, Integrity and Success.

Current IUM DBA candidate, she has completed all DBA courses with grade A. We are looking forward reading her research paper!


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