A challenging but rewarding learning experience!

Matthieu Mielet is a passionate Luxury retail strategist & trainer. He is a partner at OKTAVE, a swiss based leading agency in luxury retail teams’ skills and behaviours transformation. He is also currently pursuing his Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) in the area of customer experience at IUM.  

Today, he shares with us his insights into the journey of a DBA. 

Why have you decided to do a DBA?

As a personal nature and traits of my personality, my brain to function needs to be nurtured with self-reflection and understanding of things. That’s probably why I always been attracted to study and being engaged in consulting & training. Here we go to the root cause of situations to generate growth and development to people an business.

With time, I found important to ground my knowledge in a structure and academic way and came the desire to pursue further education at doctoral level. For me expertise and knowledge represent high value which will be enhanced with my DBA.

Why IUM?

The specialization of IUM in luxury sector was the initial driver in my research of DBA study options. We can say that IUM has acquired with years a solid worldwide recognition in this area.

The DBA study path was definitely the criteria of my selection as I was not keen for a full time commitment though wanted to join a structuring & qualitative program. The way the IUM DBA program is designed with residential weeks and continuous distant online courses brings a great rhythm and help us to stay focused and committed while still pursing our work practice.

Also, it is very exciting  to see the seriousness & professionalism that IUM takes for its DBA  program bringing multiple and rich resources, valued resident professors to the benefits of the students and the academic community.

What is your research area?

From my field of practice and consultation in assisting retail team behavioural transformation, I am often confronted to the problem of consistency in customer experience. As an initial formulation, my research topic is about “how to establish brand related consistency of customer experiences in luxury stores”. I will study this phenomena trying to understand and measure what influence sales forces in delivering at their best customer experience in store.


DBA Journey - Matthieu - MieletMatthieu has always developed its professional activities around consultancy and entrepreneurship giving him a singular retail business vision that he shares and applies in his practice.

He has gained a strong experience in retail learning & development practice while working in China for 15 years building a deep understanding of local culture & its business context. His retail expertise lays in the areas of retail management (boutique management, retail sales management, KPI management …) and luxury sales (art of selling, luxury service sense, sales ceremony, selling upon client motivation, …) for which Matthieu designs customized solutions & blended training programs.
Aside of retail L&D, Matthieu has always been an active entrepreneur. In 2006, he opened an interior design agency in West China; learning the job & local ways of doing business from the ground. He was voted West China top ten designer in 2008.
In 2010, he sold his agency and created a family run couture house in France: “Maison Matthieu AIME”; a high end event clothing brand for elegant women.

Today, he dedicates his work practice to consulting & learning activities building and empowering the Métier of Retail.


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