After starting the DBA in November 2016, it’s difficult to believe that I am now in my final year of my DBA journey.

DBA Final Stretch-Wang-Miaomiao-research

Time has flown, possibly thanks to the highly engaging mix of blended learning approaches that have really accelerated my learning while complementing my work in applied academia.

Since my own DBA topic focuses on international SME collaboration, an important part has been the process and reality of considering diverse angles of cross continental business. Here, the IUM DBA programme structure and learning environment have contributed to my research from a diversity perspective.

In this context, there are three things that stand out:

  1. The interactive residential sessions with a fun group of highly professional and internationally experienced people, offers an ideal platform to share our learning through peer-to-peer interaction. It facilitates beneficial engagement among DBA participants and all advisors, where peers exchange and provide feedback on each other’s topics. This rich form of seminar interaction at the different international campus locations has shown me how an international cohort can really work effectively to share knowledge in a stimulating environment.
  2. The international character and diversity of the cohort and advisors provide an ideal match for my topic, which has a key focus on intercultural aspects of international business. Our cohort covers participants from three continents, with research interests embracing all continents of the world, has been helpful with my international research focus, lending itself as an ideal example for my topic development.
  3. The guidance and expertise of IUM’s internal and external supervisors with the ‘path to publication’ and selection of journals to effectively share research results, has made the doctoral process much more applied and has contributed to support our professional and academic publications.

Overall, it has been a challenging but rewarding learning experience. As we say in China “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” The IUM DBA has been an excellent journey.

Written by Wang Miaomiao, DBA 2020


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