You will stand out from the pack—of MBAs

An MBA is a popular degree for business leaders and managers, but a DBA shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to prepare for a leadership position.

DBA programs are designed to provide professionals and executives with advanced tools and research skills needed for strategic planning and decision making. The only way for job seekers to top other job applicants with MBAs is to have a DBA. HR professionals will almost always refer to candidates with higher education. Graduating from a DBA program demonstrates the highest levels of commitment to continual learning, leadership excellence and professional development.

You will learn the most advanced skills and techniques for managing and leading businesses and organizations.

Employers are more likely to select a DBA graduate than an MBA because of the more advanced skills and knowledge they gain with the doctoral degree. DBA coursework is rigorous and has high expectations for achievement, which employers will appreciate when they hire you for a top position in their organization.

Also, the researched problematic should resolve a managerial issue you have encountered. Your research will be based on sound scientific methods and make a contribution to managerial knowledge. Your DBA Project will provide your company with a valuable piece of research and consultancy that is tailored specifically to its needs.

A DBA will open multiple career paths.

This education not only identifies you as an expert in your field, but results in a tangible set of management and decision-making skills that may qualify you for senior-level leadership positions and new career opportunities. You could also embark on careers as applied researchers, or consultants.

A DBA at IUM will prepare you to lead in business, government, education, non-profit, and healthcare industries with a thorough understanding of the challenges facing these sectors and the practical skills required to meet those challenges.

DBA (doctor of business administration degree) - Alexander Kern, IUM FacultyThe international University of Monaco provided me with an extraordinary academic doctoral education in a truly global Doctorate in Business Administration.

The DBA is a globally recognized academic doctoral degree, which prepared me to analyze complex tasks and ultimately conduct business in a fast changing environment on an international scale. Since that IUM is a melting-pot of different spirits, backgrounds and cultures, I appreciated the close collaboration, discussions, and pieces of advise from my professors and my fellow doctoral candidates.

Overall, the program was an incredible experience which I would not have wanted to miss for my career. Alexander Kern, German, DBA 2013

You will command a higher salary.

Employers know that advanced degrees come with higher salary requirements because of the increased value degree-holders bring to the organization. Six figure salaries are the norm in larger companies, and even smaller companies will pay more to a DBA degree holder than they would to someone with a lower degree.

You will challenge yourself to continue to grow.

Continual growth is necessary to business success, and a DBA degree is an excellent way to fuel that growth. With a DBA, you will take a step back from your ongoing professional activities to research a specific managerial situation/problematic you encounter at work

Your professors and fellow students form a collaborative community, and the IUM community will help you make the best use of these resources in your learning.


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