The MBA offers professional evolution as well as personal development.

Doing an MBA while working is quite a journey: rewarding but demanding in many ways.

You will face some (big) storms and (very) pleasant moments. You will learn a lot of things, meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and cultures.  This means that you’ll have to adapt quickly to new situations and to the people with whom you deal, but also manage your time differently and hence frequently reassess and reshuffle your priorities.

But, as the testimonials below indicate, it will all be worth it!

Jerome Bayle, Jerome Henin, and Pierfilippo Monaci, MBA alumni working at SBM Offshore, have shared with us their thoughts about the experience.

In your opinion, what are the main advantages and challenges of cumulating professional activities and studies?

Having the possibility to continuously and almost instantaneously see the parallels between theory and reality is the main advantage of doing a corporate MBA.

Business strategies, company insights, HR concepts, finance terms and principles, accounting ratios, to mention just a few, all have another flavor and immediate implications when you can apply them straight away. It means that you can put the theories you have just studied into real-time practice.

It was also easy and fascinating to dig into corporate documents to see how your own company is doing, and how it stands vis-à-vis current and even potential competition.

We were able to discuss real issues with our professors, who are able to bring an external and expert’s point of view, which helps in challenging and expanding your own point of view.

  • As a practical example, my work done for customer satisfaction has enabled the company to change the way our Operations clients are managed; we are now performing an annual survey that is feeding an in-house customer satisfaction model. It is then feeding business development teams by providing insights, client-facing stakeholders by providing areas of improvement and management by providing opportunities.
  • The quality process has been changed as well – this survey is integrated into ISO 9000 certification.

Also, time is precious. Teamwork is an effective strategy to become more efficient & the MBA enables us to understand this.

Finally, IUM offers its MBA students the unique opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with business professionals and entrepreneurs. This opens up one’s mind, and basically helps in our own decision-making processes. It enables professional evolution and development.

Corporate MBA

Which advice would you give to someone who considers doing an MBA while working?

Do not underestimate the MBA workload! During the MBA, a significant amount of professional and personal involvement is requested.

You’d need strong support from your family but also from your manager. Indeed, your company should allow some flexibility.

Prepare yourself in advance. Try to get a proper balance between work, family, and study. It is essential to progress well in all three aspects. Schedule in advance your activities to be effective, avoiding the kinds of surprises that can sabotage your plans.

Another point is that your growth in skills, knowledge, and competencies can sometimes make your manager perceive you as a sort of threat. I strongly advise new incomers to manage this stakeholder carefully. And this is another kind of learning from the MBA: the importance of managing the human dimension, laterally and vertically.

What are your key takeaways from the Monaco MBA?

Doing an MBA allows you to learn new things, open different perspectives, and adopt a more entrepreneurial approach to situations.

Moreover, the possibility of having a specialization track in your business area is a real asset and permits you to dig very deep into detail. In my case, the specialization track was a real eye-opener! To me, it was like having my driving license after having worked ten years in the automotive industry: it makes me discover and realize another facet of my work and associated business area.

IUM demonstrated its reactivity and flexibility by listening to our personal and professional constraints, and managing whenever possible to adapt to them.

Last but not least, IUM attracts a broad and diverse group of students and speakers, which is valuable in terms of teamwork and creating new business networks.

Last words?

Enjoy the experience to be back at university, meet new people, and study something that is (sometimes) very far for your daily tasks or life. Have fun!


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