The International University of Monaco is proud to announce that Dr. Ingo Böbel, Professor of Economics and Strategy, has been appointed as co-leader of the Microeconomics of Competitiveness (MoC) Curriculum Council at Harvard Business School.

Microeconomics of CompetitivenessThe Microeconomics of Competitiveness (MoC) course (that he teaches at IUM since 2007) explores the determinants of competitiveness and successful economic development viewed from a bottom-up, microeconomic perspective. MOC is a distinctive course platform developed at Harvard by Professor Michael Porter and a team of colleagues at the Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness (ISC) at HBS. The course is specifically designed to be taught at Harvard and in collaboration with educational institutions around the world. IUM is one of these institutions. The course is not only an educational vehicle but also a tool to enable an institution and its people to influence and support economic development in the country and region.

‘With the growth of the MOC Affiliate Network, the activities of MOC affiliate faculty have broadened beyond classroom teaching to include engagement in content related research, leadership and participation in competitiveness and cluster initiatives, as well as the development of competitiveness institutes. Some years ago, a formalized governance structure was created to support the growth of the network in areas beyond the classroom. Five councils were established to provide leadership and collective governance as well as to facilitate greater impact of the MOC Affiliate Network’. The Curriculum Council is one of these councils.

This new responsible task will increase IUM’s visibility worldwide as the MoC network ‘has grown by roughly ten affiliate institutions per year and currently records over 100 institutions from 63 countries. Over the last decade MOC affiliates have taught 1,352 MOC courses, reaching more than 44,500 students in addition to the 1,017 who have taken the MOC course at Harvard University’ (MOC Impact Report 2014).

Congratulations Professor Böbel!


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