For the first time, the MSc in Finance students participated in the CFA Institute Research Challenge.

Every year the CFA Institute organizes a global competition called the CFA Research Challenge which gives the opportunity to students of top universities and business schools to compete by conducting thorough research on a listed company and giving a “buy, sell or hold” recommendation.

Together with my fellow students Mia Batljan (Swedish and Croatian), David Crabbe (French), Andrea Littardi (Italian) and Willem Abraham Van Schalkwyk (South African), I (Swiss and French) was honored to have been chosen as part of a very diverse team to represent the International University of Monaco (IUM) for its first time participation.

It has been a steep learning curve, a lot of additional work and some unforgettable weekends meeting at Starbucks!

Results are now official…We are delighted to rank top 5 out of 18 participating prestigious universities and schools in France!

CFA Institute Research Challenge

A big thank you to the CFA Institute (Valerie de Kergorlay and Matthieu Genisson) for organizing this fantastic competition and to Orpea (Steve Grobet from Investor Relations) for hosting a private investor conference for the CFA Challenge participants.

Special thanks to our Program Director, Dr. Grégory Moscato, our academic coach, Dr. Domenico Campa and our CFA coach, Thomas Vieux for their valuable support and trust.

Last but not least we wish to acknowledge our Dean, Dr. Antonella Patras, and the IUM Chief Executive Officer, Jean Philippe Muller for their dedication to promoting diversity and excellence at the IUM.

We hope that we can inspire next year’s students to compete and reach even higher!

Viva IUM! Viva Munegu!


Written by Franck Riviere, MSc in Finance 2018, Private Banking & Wealth Management specialization 


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Master of Science in Finance at a glance:


It’s an excellent combination of quantitative and qualitative studies. Its small class size ensures a high quality learning process, and unparalleled class interactions.

What separates this demanding specialization from its peers? The practical focus with content relevant and in line with the industry’s expectations. It’s more than just an academic education, it gives you the best possible preparation for a challenging career in the financial services industry.


With the clear focus on asset management targeting both institutional players and high net worth individuals, this specialization ensures that you gain the required technical elements and exposure to the fantastic local network of private banks, asset management companies and family offices based in Monaco.

Coming out of this specialization students are able to structure solutions for a demanding clientele. By understanding investors’ objectives, constraints, capacity and personal characteristics, you will engage into high quality interactions and establish long lasting relationships.