The business world has never been so connected. Corporations are consolidating at a global level, becoming more globally oriented – and more efficient.

For those looking to succeed in diverse global organizations, it helps to have experienced a culturally diverse educational environment.

international business educationWith 80+ different nationalities represented in the student body and the faculty, IUM is offering a MULTI-CULTURAL ENVIRONMENT to its students.

It’s an opportunity:

  • To growth: This melting pot challenges students to rethink their assumptions so that they can emerge with a more plural mindset – and one much more suited to today’s global business world.
  • To learn: Team management, intercultural diversity, cross-communication, all these topics are not only taught in class but can be applied for real, with classmates, in group projects, or just outside the classroom.
  • To boost your employability: Increasingly, companies are looking for graduates who can solve cross-cultural problems and think on a global scale.
  • To build your business network: The university is the perfect place to start building your business network. You will be learning from lecturers with experience in their fields, make valuable connections during internships and meet classmates who have ambitions for high-flying careers.

“Being an IUM student is the opportunity to meet people coming from all around the world, to open your mind to different cultures, religions, and habits. We’re all truly fortunate to be part of such a vibrant multicultural and multilingual university,” said Maria, BBA 2019.

“I think it offered me a window to other cultures and ideas,” David (MSc in International Management 2015) said . “and now that I am in business, my experience helps me deal with people from different places…it makes things more manageable”. 


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