Every year, in June, students have to present a corporate project.

This is an opportunity to apply the theories and tools they have learned in the classroom to actual situations faced by organizations both in Monaco and further afield.

This year the MSc in Luxury Management students from the Goods and Services and Luxury Retail specializations focused on the company Burberry. The aim of the Burberry Corporate Project was to develop a revamping strategy for the brand, using its codes and providing it with new and fresh ideas. During the entire period we were helped by Veronica Sartori, our professor of Retail Buying and Merchandising, and the Director of the MSc in Luxury Management, Annalisa Tarquini.

The first stages were the analysis of the company, its history, its creative director and his influence on the brand image. A deeper analysis was then conducted to understand the customer base, the actual and potential Burberry purchasers. All the data that the different groups collected with interviews and questionnaires were combined to have a better understanding of how to develop the winning plan.

At this point of time, each group came up with different ideas, inspired by some details that are part of the brand image and previous Burberry campaigns, like the successful Burberry Kisses. What was really interesting was the process that each team followed, also trying to imagine which could be the real next steps for the company.

After the first meeting with all the groups we discovered how differently we were thinking: many of us followed a more creative approach, others were keener to develop a strategy that was using existing brand codes. The comparison among all our ideas was exciting, we challenged ourselves and we shared opinions. Suddenly we started looking at the same problem from another point of view: we were part of the company and the plan we had to suggest needed to be concrete and applicable.

At the end of the year, when we presented the conclusions of the Burberry Corporate Project, we were definitely satisfied. It was a success, from the academic point of view and from the personal point of view.

In conclusion, what always make the difference are the people. The mutual support in a group, the sharing of ideas and discussions are also all fundamental ingredients for a good work. For this reason a special thanks goes to the members of my team, that I’m extremely proud of that made this project so successful.

Another special thanks goes to Veronica Sartori for trusting us and for giving us the chance to work on such interesting project.


Written by Arianna Alessio, Msc in Luxury Management students, specialization in Luxury Retail Management

On behalf of all Msc in Luxury Management students Class of 2016