A brand management specialist shares his experience with the MSc in Marketing students.

Oliver Koll is managing partner of an Innsbruck, Austria based consultancy with a focus on developing and monitoring brand strategies.

He is also working with Europanel, a joint venture of GfK and Kantar Worldpanel, a research agency that provides insights to brand manufacturers based on household panel data across the globe. Finally, Oliver is a post-doc fellow with the marketing and branding group at the University of Innsbruck.


brand managementIn your opinion, what is the most important added value of having a professional teaching students?

Being exposed to a large number of companies and their marketing challenges provides in-depth knowledge of a wide array of decisions they face. The challenge for professionals will be to move away from interesting examples they can share and show how to apply these learnings in other situations.

In your opinion why is it still important to have a master degree today?

Having a master degree is evidence of both a willingness to deal with complex concepts over multiple years and a tangible proof of a knowledge base which provides the foundation for numerous tasks in helping to manage an organization.

What are you teaching and why is it very important for IUM students?

I was teaching a course in Brand Management. Given that brands are, in many industries, the most valuable asset of organizations, students need an understanding of the toolboxes available to build strong brands and how to monitor whether organizational activities are rewarded by stakeholders the brand addresses, for example consumers, retail partners or employees.

Why would you hire an IUM student?

Why not? All students at IUM are exposed to a truly international group of classmates and lecturers. I am sure that they will be a valuable asset to organizations hiring them.

What is the most important advice you can give to our students?

Stay curious and try to soak up as much as you can from lectures and interactions with classmates and companies. Start with a company where you feel appreciated and get support to continue learning.


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