The International University of Monaco (IUM) boasts an ambitious, talented, and multi-cultural student community among its bachelor program.


Bachelor ProgramI started my BSc in Business Administration program in 2008 and I discovered that IUM is more than just a business school. IUM is a small university, located in a small country that has a concentration of international businesses (5000 companies on 2sqm). Being the only higher-level learning institution surrounded by so many international companies offer many learning and career opportunities.

IUM is an exciting business itself. It is growing, improving, and innovating all the time, which offers many opportunities for students to really contribute to the organization. It’s a fantastic playground for an entrepreneurial spirit. For instance, I find it way more interesting for a student to create an association that does not exist rather than just participate in a traditional university association that has been existing for the past 20 years and has more entrenched processes. The lessons learned during the creation process and the rewards in terms of experience and self-development are extremely valuable.

IUM opens your mind to working with different cultures and challenges your way of thinking.

IUM has taught me to think “outside the box”, always pushing me to question what I had previously seen as the unchangeable established way of doing things. This is has been fundamental to my roles. I always try to find solutions to accomplish tasks in a more effective manner, always questioning and submitting suggestions to improve our processes and funnels.

Going to IUM, you are in charge of what you will gain while in Monaco.

You can decide to just go to class, take your exams, graduate without taking advantage of all that IUM and Monaco have to offer. Or you can decide to make the most of your three years at the university, making friends for life, networking, building something, and investing yourself in your studies and all extra-curriculum opportunities you are offered. It’s hard not to succeed afterward.

Florian Dumont, French

Sales Program Manager at Facebook, Austin, Texas, USA

IUM is the ideal choice for me because it’s the perfect blend between the American and the European system, which gives you the coziness you need. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Also, the most important strength of the Bachelor in Business Administration is that it gives you a comprehensive and practical knowledge at the same time.

It allows you to follow whichever career path you want.

After her Bachelor degree, Andreea has continued her studies at IUM. She just graduated from the MSc in Luxury Management Program.

Andreea Coman, Romanian

Medical Affairs Contract Recruiter at NonStop Consulting Europe, Switzerland

Bachelor program

“The global environment is the best part of studying at IUM. There are students from all over the world that you meet and work with every day. This makes it much easier to understand the differences and similarities of different cultures and countries. 

In addition, the combination of high requirements and demanding but available professors prepares the students for an international and competitive career. 

Just do it!…IUM is a great university, and I don’t regret my choice at all. Nine semesters of University helps you grow as a person! I had my best years in Monaco and I met some of my best friends there.”

Fredrik Lundberg, Swedish

Head of Digital Acceleration, Divison X, Telia Company, Stockholm, Sweden 


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