Bachelor students welcomed at the National Council of Monaco

Last week, the Bachelor students, first year, were invited to visit the National Council, a way to discover Monaco behind the scene. This is part of the “Monaco Experience” included in their curriculum to better understand the country where they are studying.

A discovery of the Monegasque Institutions

Mr. Stephane Valery, President of the National Council and Marc Mourou, President of the  committee for Education and Youth, introduced them the institution, its role and duties, the way it functions and how members are elected. Also students were able to ask questions to better understand one of the most important assemblies and constitutional bodies of Monaco.


The National Council, a representative assembly, has sole responsibility for passing laws and the State Budget. The organisation and operation of the National Council is governed by the law and its by-laws which are approved by the Supreme Court.

The twenty-four members are elected for five years, by universal suffrage by adults of Monegasque nationality of both genders. It elects its Chairman and Vice-Chairman, the members of the Special Commissions and representatives of these bodies.


The National Council was established by the Constitution as granted in 1911 by Prince Albert I.

However, the Monegasque Assembly has a great heritage – Monegasques have had representative assemblies since the 13th century.

With the 1962 Constitution, it acquired true elected Assembly status exercising legislative and budgetary powers.

The 2002 constitutional review bestowed more extensive powers upon the National Council, concerning legislative initiative (tabling BIlls), its right to amend draft legislation, and with regard to external relations.


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