The experiential learning approach is at the core of IUM’s strategy. The Bachelor program provides traditional classroom learning in combination with hands-on learning opportunities.

Every year, as part of the class “International Visual Merchandising,” Bachelor (BBA) in Luxury specialization students work on the Luxury Retail IVM Segmentation Model.

They have to choose a brand and decrypt it. Then revisit it under the prism of 5Ps the pyramid model segmentation of Luxury Retail, by separately analyzing the Offline and the Online part of Marketing and Merchandising Mix. 

This year, two teams delivered outstanding work.

Bachelor in Luxury Specialization - Tiffany&CoThe first team worked on the brand “Tiffany&Co

While working on this project, we got a better understanding of what a real Visual Merchandising Strategy is. Tiffany was a great company to analyze and this project is definitely a valuable experience to put on our CV and therefore beneficial for our future career.

The second one worked on the brand “Montblanc: Bachelor in Luxury Specialization - Montblanc

“It is vital to understand the 4Ps of Luxury and to distinguish them from the ones of Traditional Marketing. Thanks to Professor Bouhajeb and our practical assignment on Montblanc, we managed to understand the Luxury industry in more depth. Our greatest challenge was accessing the information needed as Luxury brands tend to remain mysterious, and it takes more in-depth research for one to find the information which they are looking for. This project also required great organizational and time management skills as we had to present a big volume of information in 10 minutes of total time.”

Proud Professor

Mr. Bouhajeb, Adjunct Professor at #IUM, who taught this class for many years now, is very proud of his students. “These groups of talented and engaged students delivered exceptional work because they have well understood the methodology of the course, and they were very passionate about the project itself!”

Mr. Bouhajeb is a business professional with over 25 years of Operational, Strategic, and Digital Marketing Expertise in the Fashion, Luxury, and FMCG industries.


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