How VAIVAI Magazine started during my Bachelor in Communication!


Bachelor in CommunicationIt all started at the International University of Monaco (IUM) cafeteria, during my Bachelor in Communication program, surrounded by my kind, and diverse classmates, and friends. Students were all around us having lunch everywhere and I was already on my third cappuccino. (Gianni does the best cappuccino’s, by the way!)

We started to try to find a catchy name for the magazine. We wanted something short, unique, and easily memorable. Finding the right name was a struggle as nowadays most of the good names are already taken by lots of Companies.

All of us were from different nationalities, which is a reflection of the University. It is where creativity and perseverance are key. Suddenly I had the idea “VAI”, which is used in Romanian as an interjection. It came out once in a conversation and I realized that it was distinctive, original, and summed up what I wanted to portray. So, VAIVAI was born.

As a third year Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment Management student, it was perfect timing. Being given private consultancy from great, experienced teachers was perfect, and much appreciated. Furthermore, many of the classes were very useful in order to create and develop a company, such as Communication, Marketing, Cyber-Business Law, Entrepreneurship and Web Design. Not to mention Public Speaking coaching to help with my inter-personal skills, creativity and expressiveness.

I decided to launch VAIVAI MAGAZINE on the 1st of October 2015. The first day of the month means a fresh start and that’s why it was a new beginning for me and a new chapter in my life.

I benefited from the help of my colleagues and professors support in creating the first content of the publication.

I am now looking forward to developing my online publication further, and I am so happy that it started at IUM, over numerous coffee’s, and the brainstorming with my multi-cultural, talented, and bright friends!

Written by Vera LOVICI, Bachelor in Communication 2016


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