…Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment Management


The IUM Bachelor in Communication and Event Management has been created for creative and cosmopolitan individuals, open to the world, identifying themselves as global citizens, and aspiring to facilitate a better understanding among cultures and communities.

This program of course focuses on Communication and Event Management but provides you also with solid grounding and foundation in Business management and marketing strategies.

The unique IUM faculty is composed of both academics and practitioners, enabling you to integrate academic knowledge (theories) and practice-based learning that you can apply to real world issues.

Bachelor in Business Administration


When I arrived at IUM, I did not know what to expect, but a year later, I can happily say that it has genuinely given me much more than I could have ever imagined!

IUM is different from many other universities. Lectures do not focus on memorizing information. Professors teach you how to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom on real projects, to give you a real and a deep understanding of the subjects.

The projects vary from report writing to creating communication plans and video making projects. My favorite project was Photoshop and Video montage, where I gained new technical skills that helped me a lot in other classes such as “adverts and logo creation”. These skills have facilitated the realization of marketing ideas that I had, which otherwise would have just remained as ‘’ideas’’.

In all courses, we present a lot in front of the class, either homeworks or the progress of our final projects. We work also in groups which help us improving our team building and communication skills as well as giving us more confidence when talking in front of an audience.

IUM is unique as we receive a lot of support and individual attention from the teachers.

I look forward to my second year!!

By Birute, 1st year Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment Management student


The Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment Management (BECOM) program welcomes many creative people from different nationalities and backgrounds who would like to learn more about the communication industry.
As a 2nd year student of BECOM program, I am able to share my present experience. During my study, I have acknowledged skills in the usage of communication in business. I am able to comprehend the marketing scheme in advertisement, understand different terms of the world’s media, and define how an effective advertisement is and should be constructed. All these traits allow me not only to acquire knowledge for my career, but also for life. All these courses are taught by a professional team of teachers, who communicate their knowledge and experiences. All these combined elements make the International University of Monaco the place to be and study.

By Ekaterina Parfenova, Russian, 2nd year Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment Management student


If you would like more information about this program, please look on our website: www.monaco.edu

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