Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment ManagementI am a student in the Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment Management program at IUM since fall 2012. So far, all of our classes have been, to my opinion, very nourishing as we have a full program that is genuinely designed for communication and event management.

My experience is positive, thanks to a combination of theory and in class practical simulations. In the way we are taught, we have the possibility to interact with others and exchange ideas with teachers as well. The classes are very open in terms of freedom of expression and the teachers are open-minded as well as motivating. I must say that we have fun while learning since professors make our class interactive and challenging. Our creativity and our pro activity are solicited in presenting projects as well as a coherent communication strategies.  All of the courses have taught me a lot about communication and fitted perfectly with my needs and expectations, as they offered the ideal tools for future employment opportunities.

Moreover, while I experience the University of Monaco, I enjoy the students’ open minded and positive mentality. I believe that it was a very nourishing experience that will greatly impact my future career as I learned a lot about different cultures and how to interact with people from other horizons.

Writen by MARGAUX PRIMAT, current Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment Management Student