Bachelor in Communication students were extremely pleased to welcome Allyson Noll, Development Officer at AMREF “ Flying Doctors” Monaco.

Trained in communication with a specialization in sustainable development, Allyson Noll would like to positively contribute to a more ethical, fair, responsible and sustainable future.

During the class “Fundamentals of Communication”, she described the NGO AMREF she works for, shared her experience as communication specialist and answered many questions from our curious classmates.

According to Allyson Noll, gaining access to international donors is a major component of the communication department of Flying Doctors. After the presentation, students were encouraged to become active learners by developing co-operative skills for this NGO. They were asked to present different creative projects’ ideas to attract potential donors, said Dr. Jauffret, professor of communication.

Bachelor in Communication-Noll-Allyson-AMREF-NGOWhat does AMREF do in Monaco?

AMREF’s mission is to increase sustainable health access to communities in Africa through solutions in human resources for health, health services delivery and investments in health.

In Monaco, we develop different projects with foundations. For example, AMREF worked together with the Princess Charlene Foundation in Kenya to raise public awareness about the dangers of water, teach children preventive measures, and teach them to swim.

Also, we worked with Princess Grace Foundation. We developed a project in Senegal called “PRECIS” to foster nurses and midwives capacity building. This project has started in 2011 and as of today we have already trained 12 000 of them.

What do you like most about your job?
Everything! A job with a humanitarian purpose is challenging but very rewarding because you help people and you try to make the world better.
Of course, there are things that I like more. For instance, when we need to raise funds, we develop different partnerships. It is really interesting because we meet various people and try to convince them to give their money for a valuable project.
Also, when you become an advocate you can make people change their opinion about Africa. So we try to explain to the public that Africa is trying to develop, to change the situation, and we convince people of the importance of helping. It is not only for their future but also for our future, because water, agriculture, migration, etc. are worldwide issues.

In conclusion, we would like to thank Ms. Noll for sharing with us her insights as a communication specialist for NGO. Her career has inspired some of our classmates!

In addition, we would like to thank our professor, Dr. Jauffret, for giving us the opportunity to meet with such a professional.

P.S.: Want to help right now? You can donate to AMREF without leaving your home. Help your future here!


Written by Anastasiia Ryzhkova & Renata Aiginina, current Bachelor in Communication students


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