Covid19 helps us to reconsider social life included Uni life.

As a Professor of Communication, Dr. Nathalie Jauffret is now teaching online but as a human being, she really misses direct interaction – verbal and non-verbal exchanges with her amazing students from Bachelor to DBA, with her colleagues (Staff and Faculty) and to be a part of our Uni life.

WHAT ABOUT YOU?  Do you miss your Uni or your office?

Costanza & Pietro, Bachelor students, answered those questions.

Are you missing your uni - BBA students

Are your missing your Uni?

As students, we are missing our Uni like never before! We cannot see our friends and doing classes online is starting to be very frustrating.

Moreover, all the assignments we have in groups are very difficult to plan and to do because, of course, it is hard to put everyone together in a specific moment. So, definitely yes, we are missing it.

Is Covid19 affected your study plan and/or your professional career?

Sometimes it does and sometimes it does not.

On one hand, distance learning -with fewer interactions with our professors, could be very frustrating and difficult to handle. In addition, being on our own is not easy. Classmates and friends are very important to keep the motivation and do one’s best.

On the other hand, it also makes you feel more independent. It gives you the chance to plan your day in the best possible way. Moreover, it is also an opportunity to work more intensively and enhance knowledge.

In any case, the best is to take it as an opportunity to learn, to adapt, and to grow to be ready when all this unprecedented situation will be over!

Do you miss the experience of learning and working with your Uni friends or your colleagues?

Yes! one of the most relevant experiences we are missing is definitely the one of working together with friends and colleagues, and to develop face to face group-working skills.

When you are on Skype do you show your face or do you keep a black screen? Why?

Yes, in our case we try to show our faces on Skype as often as possible. We think it is important to have better feedback from professors and classmates, plus it makes it a little more personal.

Do you wear pajamas or the most comfortable clothes to go to work?

Honestly yes, we wear comfortable clothes, especially with the hot temperatures that are coming in this period of the year.

Do you take daytime naps?

Not at all! there is way too much work to do. However, once final exams will be over we’ll try to!!!

Did you change your diet?

Yes, because being at home gives you the chance to eat healthier than usual.

Do you do a sport between your classes or during your daily work?

Yes, we practice way more sport than we did before. We work out every day, both before and at the end of classes. It keeps you in a good and positive mood!

Are you a modern-day hermit living as a recluse?

No, because with social media, we keep contact with everybody.

Are you really missing a social life or do you prefer the internet’s conversation?

Yes, we definitely miss real social life, having the chance of seeing friends, hanging out, going to clubs, traveling, and being free of doing whatever came out to our minds. What seemed so obvious before looks now as a dream and we really can’t wait to come back to uni!


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