From Ines Hager, Current BSBA student

As previously announced on September 11th a team from IUM took part in the 7th Aquathlon of Nice, where the participants had to swim 300 meters in the sea and run 1500 meters – and all this 3 times!

Extremely enthusiastic and motivated, our group met at IUM where we planned to drive the IUM van to Nice. Unfortunately, the battery of the van was flat so we couldn’t start it! After some time, a mechanic helped us start the van. After the journey to Nice the big event started. Unfortunately only 2 people from our team could actually start, because permission from a doctor was needed and not everybody managed to get it on time, but this didn’t deflate the fantastic atmosphere.

Tassilo Labuzinski and the triathlon and endurance trainer of our University Klaus Becker, finally started with cheering and motivated the team behind them. The 300 meter swimming distance, which doesn’t sound so hard was the worst for them, but they both managed to finish the Aquathlon in amazing time. Our trainer Klaus Becker had a time of 00:37:58 for swimming and running the course 3 times even though he was injured from volleyball training the day before. For this amazing time he made spot 36 out of 136 with a speed of 8.53km/h. Tassilo Labuzinski made a time of 00:52:28 minutes which is also quite impressive since he is not a long distance athlete.

After the competition everyone was exhausted and happy that our team did such a great job! As a reward for their performance we all went to a really nice Italian restaurant in the middle of the old town of Nice. At the same time, new students, who had never been to Nice before, joined us to discover the Italian Cuisine.

All in all, we spent a really good day together and had a lot of fun. Hence, I really want to thank Taz and Klaus for organizing such a great event and I hope that the next Sport Event will take place soon.