Taiwan, almost 10,000 kilometers away from Monaco, was so close to us on Monday, 31st of January. Organized by Ms HOSTEIN-SU, our Chinese professor, the conference of the representative – Ambassador of Taiwan: Michel LU was a real success.

About 50 students and teachers were participating the conference. With humor and enthusiasm, Mr. LU covered almost every aspects of Taiwan: history, economic, culture, and people’s hospitality. The conference lasted about 90 minutes, and the audience discovered the diversity and opportunity that this small island can provide. Most of the students were glad to discuss personally with the Ambassador during the cocktail. They learned that Taiwan was not only another possibility to reinforce Chinese studies, it was also an attracting platform before confronting the giant Mainland China.

Our Chinese studying group will soon have correspondence with Taiwan students. (Ideal for practicing Chinese). They are preparing at the same time their first international test of Chinese level – HSK