Monaco can now be visited in augmented reality thanks to the CardMap application, co-founded by Gerardo Orfanelli, MSc in International Management 2018.

ORFANELLI Gerardo - MSc in International Management“The idea of the project was born in 2008 from Angelo Pallanca and Valeria Sinnati (K-Rma tech), as they are both experts in technology and innovation related especially to the tourism industry.

In 2017, I had the pleasure of meeting them and believing in their ideas. After a few months of discussions we came up toghether with the idea of Cardmap: an innovative and interactive travel guide that uses some of the latest technologies such as AR/AI and accurate 3D models to entertain and engage tourists in their discovery.”

Gerardo did his Bachelor degree at the University of Surrey and then moved back to Monaco to complete his MSc in International Management.

“The course helped me gain some essential knowledge in finance, marketing, management and economics, as well as in presentation skills; all of this allowed me to bring some important value to the team and contribute to the creation of the Cardmap project.”

He recently pitched his project at the Monaco International Blockchain (MIB).

We wish all the best to CardMap!


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