Upon acceptance to the Msc in Luxury Retail Management program at the International University of Monaco, I must admit that my motivation to integrate the luxury industry flourished and led me to start thinking about how I really wanted to make a step towards this oh-so specific sector. From the outset of the program, I focused my research projects and analyses on Bottega Veneta, as the brand mirrored my own perception of what luxury truly is: discreet, tactful and judicious, while showcasing the best craftsmanship, the finest materials and slick designs. What also stroke me when examining Bottega Veneta in further depth was its considerable global growth potential and how all necessary resources were already in place for the brand to soar rocket-high in the very near future – I simply HAD to be part of it.

After having invested time and effort in clearly understanding my professional goals and aspirations, our program director, Annalisa Tarquini, confirmed that my profile was particularly interesting to Bottega Veneta and that opportunities to discuss potential employment will arise. “We’ll wait and see”, she said. I did not want to wait. I could not wait!

During a field trip to Milan with all of my classmates, I had the chance to be interviewed by Bottega Veneta’s Worldwide Talent Acquisition and Development Manager, who explored with me my interests towards the industry, but also what I would improve or, in other words, how could the company benefit from having me on board – What’s In It for Them? This first meeting led to a breathtaking visit of Bottega Veneta’s ateliers in Vicenza, alongside with 3 other fellow candidates from the IUM and all of Bottega Veneta’s Human Resources managers from all ends of the globe (!). What a priceless occasion to discuss the future! After the visit and a great informal lunch with the group, I was sold – I have to join them!

The third step of the selection process was particularly stressful and tense, but especially interesting: an assessment center at Bottega Veneta’s Headquarters in Milan, designed and led by external consultants. Six candidates, three positions to be filled – that really set the tone! In a nutshell, the full day was extremely demanding and exhausting, going through group activities and individual evaluations. It is only a month further down the line that I received the official confirmation that I, Michael, was selected to be part of the firm’s brand-new retail trainee management program! Needless to say I was psyched!

All in all, Bottega Veneta has proven to be an extremely approachable brand, with clear future potential and strategic goals in mind to expand further and further. But most importantly, I was thrilled to see that Bottega Veneta is willing to invest in its people and its new talents, while maintaining an especially human approach to the development of all its family members – because, in all honestly, this is what it feels like!

As of today, I am about – and SO ready! – to embark on an international journey with one of the world’s most sought-after luxury brand and I am so excited to see where this will be taking me in the long-run!

What more could I possibly wish for?

By Michael RADDATZ, Bottega Veneta Worldwide Retail trainee