Alumnus Edward Beaton (25 year old) studied for his BSBA at IUM before

completing the ACA post graduate qualification (Accounting, Tax and Business Advice) which involves work and study in the finance industry.

Today he is a qualified accountant. The ACA is regarded as the most vigorous accounting program. It is an excellent academic achievement!

Regarding his studies at IUM, he states « The BSBA I did was fantastic because you cover such a broad range of topics. It meant that I had an insight into that various areas of business and I could decide where I want to pursue my career ».
From the work aspect, he was promoted to manager which makes him the youngest manager in UK!!!!

He pinpointed that the internship he undertook at IUM were without a shadow of a doubt the access to jobs after qualification. Given the current economic climate in the UK, he insisted that if someone has a degree without any internship, it is almost impossible to find a job. « It was off the back of an internship I did at university that got me into one of the largest firms in the world. That is what employers are looking for. If they hear about your 8 week summer where you did nothing, they will not be impressed. A month a summer will guarantee a job » he said.

He also has been awarded a prize for the highest grades (globally) for one of his exams to become Chartered in accounting.