IUM (International University of Monaco)

After visiting the atelier of

Bottega Veneta in Vicenza, I have been fascinated by the craftsmanship, the material, and the brand value, particularly I was impressed by how those artisans infuse the knowhow into their delicate creations, and everything I experienced during the tour, only made me have more respect for the brand.

I appreciate so much the opportunity of getting involved into Bottega Veneta’s assessment centre. This extraordinary Bottega Veneta experience is really unforgettable, not only was I impressed by the efficiency of the whole process, but also it was the first time I was assessed in such a professional way. All the candidates were excellent, thanks to this assessment, we got to know each other and exchange ideas; everyone was motivated to communicate and collaborate with each other.

I think I’m very lucky, because I was chosen by a company which not only understands my enthusiasm for luxury industry, but also is willing to give me a chance to dedicate my passion for the brand. Now I’m really looking forward to my future in Bottega Veneta, the people I will meet there and the new experiences and challenges to come.

–By Chang LIU, Master in Luxury Retail Management 2013, IUM.
Bottega Veneta Worldwide Retail trainee

  1. Abdoul

    Congratulations on you endeavour Chang. Good luck on all your professional projects. keep us posted Ciao.

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