Professional advertising regulation setter Mr Joseph Besnaïnou was invited to come to our university by our communication and advertising teacher Mrs Jauffret, on the 6th of February 2013. His talk was mainly about the importance of rules and regulations in the advertising field.Conf-foundamentals2

Mr Besnaïnou started with the theoretical part explaining the main principles of regulation, its role and mission, its codes, the structure and founding of the group in chare of regulating and its importance in Europe.

In a second part, Mr Besnaïnou followed with examples of advertisements that have been banned or accepted throughout the past under his control.

This lively exchange with the students immediately caught their attention, engaging them into participation. We particularly want to thank Mr Besnaïnou for having taken the time to come to IUM and for having shared with us his knowledge and experiences in a very friendly and welcoming way.

We also want to thank our teacher Mrs Jauffret for always coming up with new attractive ideas and for making us benefit from them again and again!

Alana von Schönborn