MSc in Marketing students learn about market research with IUM visiting professor, Alexander Hahn.

Alexander Hahn is working as head of innovation consulting for HYVE, a Munich-based innovation strategy and design company. He helps corporates and startups in researching and designing for current and future customer needs.


market researchIn your opinion, what is the most important added value of having a professional teaching students?

At HYVE, we have worked with leading brands in the innovation field such as Siemens, Nivea and Audi and, also, published case studies on these projects. Therefore, we cannot only focus on actual client projects, but also have in-class material that has undergone a thorough academic revision process.

In your opinion why is it still important to have a master degree today?

Curiosity and openness, together with a high-level of energy and the ability to act on one’s own motivation are capabilities that are important in today’s business world and which will be even more important in the future. You can train this via a Master Degree.

What are you teaching and why is it very important for IUM students?

I am teaching a market research course, combining traditional and contemporary market research tools and methods for gaining insights in a fast-paced world of digital-physical fusion and convergence.

Nowadays, market research is fundamental for decisions on existing products and markets – the digital era provides marketing professionals with a never-ending amount of data. The ability and expertise to analyze and assess such data and the insights generated from this data is paramount for any career in marketing. This not only relates to quantitative dat – observations, qualitative interviews and user-generated content from the internet accompany quantitative data and are of equal importance for market research, especially for discovering and validating product and service innovations. In contrast, not many marketing professionals out there have both the ability and expertise to assess both quantitative and qualitative data. This course will endow the students with such abilities and will, therefore, provide them with a sustaining advantage in the job market.

Why would you hire an IUM student?

I like especially the international composition of the class – this is a truly inter-cultural Master program.

What is the most important advice you can give to our students?

Stay curious!


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