In June 2016, a group of six students of the MSc in Luxury Management program had the pleasure to attend the launch of the first course about jewels and diamonds organized by the International University of Monaco, with the precious collaboration of Vitale Montecarlo.

I was one of the lucky six that took part at the experience and, after one of the most exciting and challenging year of my life, it was the cherry on the cake.
We started with an introduction about the jewelry world, its origins and the changes during the past decades. Alberto Vitale, the owner of Vitale Montecarlo, discussed with us the current market situation, analyzing the customers’ purchasing habits and we discovered jewels not only as a purchase for pleasure but also as investment.

Launch of jewels and diamonds class

We moved then to the technical training, held by Giulia Rastello, a GIA graduated gemmologist, where we focused mainly on diamonds. Thanks to Alberto and Giulia that opened us the doors of their office and laboratory, we had the opportunity to combine a theoretical learning with a practical approach. We saw and examined stones of immense beauty, unique and fascinating pieces. As one of our group member states:
“It was an extremely significant experience, since it provided me insights in a world that some might underestimate, thinking that it is just about precious stones. It was far beyond just a flawless rock that shines and is known for the craving for every lady out there who dreams about someday getting married with the prince on the white horse. I learned about the complexity of such a precious material from the creation to the particles involved in the process of its formation, to the craft of precision cut, and lastly to the perfection of the finished good delivered to the final customer. I can state without reservations that, it enlarged my already strong passion for the watches and jewelry industry in which I desire to become an expert, and I recommend it to anyone who is truly engaged in this field.” (Ana Botanovic)

In conclusion, this sparkling experience let us enter the world we will work in and it let us speechless. We couldn’t hope for a better and more thrilling start!

We would like to thank a lot Annalisa Tarquini, our Director that understood our passion for the field and managed to organize this course, completely tailored to us. Special thanks to Alberto Vitale and Giulia Rastello, that exchanged with us their knowledge, their professionalism and their love for their job.


Written by Arianna Alessio, MSc in Luxury Management student 2017, Retail Management specialization


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