All IUMers speak about 3 languages on average
It means that “une phrase could include tante lingue diverse und niemand se sorprende despre asta”.
Gianni makes the best coffee on Earth
Cafe latte, cappuccino, espresso….ready for the 8.30am class!
Public Speaking class is actually fun
You will never forget Team Alicia! #TeamAlicia forever.
The sense of #IUMcommunity pride that only grows stronger with time
You can take the graduate out of IUM but you can’t take IUM out of the graduate.
Lift or stairs?
Always wait for the lift, 1st floor is actually a 5th floor!
Flip flops are perfectly acceptable footwear all year round
With 300 days of sunshine and warm temperatures, Flip flops, shorts and a t-shirts are our uniform.
Mountains or beach?
Both! You can actually go skiing on Saturday and go to the beach on Sunday!