Written by Bertrand Amigues & Sebastian Groetsch, Master in Luxury Goods students

The Geneva Motor Show, one of the most important events in the automotive industry, was an amazing experience. All of the brands were represented and we have seen more and more companies producing hybrid and electric cars. Even Rolls Royce is following this green trend! The luxury brands attracted the most people and it was sometimes very difficult to have access to some stand such as Ferrari, Aston Martin or Lamborghini.

“Crowded” was the word that we used the most during this weekend in Switzerland.
We were amazed by a lot of new cars such as the new Lamborghini Aventador and the new Aston Martin Virage which were the real stars of this show.
We met a lot of unexpected people during this show and the good point was that most of the brands opened their area to everyone.

These Luxury carmakers create dreams. People dream about these prestigious cars. This event allowed people to touch their dream for real.

If we have to resume our experience in one sentence, it would be:

“We felt like kids in a toy store! The most difficult part was to leave the show room the last day. We did not cry, but still, next time, we will find where they hide the keys!”

While being in Geneva, we also took the chance to visit the Hublot factory, which is located in Nyon, a 15min train ride from Geneva. After arriving at Hublot, we have been welcomed by Hublot’s marketing coordinator and one of their watchmakers, who was going to lead the factory tour. We were lucky to get an insight into all the different departments of Hublot. We saw all stages of the manufacturing process, starting with the cleaning of the parts, moving on to the assembly of the movement, the in-casing process of the movement to the last finishing steps like polishing and packaging the watch.
During the whole tour we were able to ask all kind of questions regarding the production process as well as their marketing strategy. While we stayed at Hublot for almost two and a half hours, we learned a lot about the steps involved in creating a Swiss made watch.

All in all, the weekend in Geneva was very enlightening and was quite successful in getting into contact with employees from outstanding companies.