On November 6 and 7th, 2014, the International University of Monaco organized the ‘Business Days’, part of the Business Week event organized by INSEEC Group.

This year the general topic was “Dive into the international job market”. During those special days the IUM received more than 40 business representatives such as recruiters, top managers, operational and HR managers of various companies in a large choice of business sectors. The students had a great opportunity to meet them and to take a first step in the business world.

International Business Days 2014

Thus, four kind of activities were proposed to the graduating students who chose some of them based on their personal interests and goals for their respective futures:

  • Thematic Conferences, lead by recruiters and top managers on the industry trends and talent recruitment challenges.
  • Company Presentation, lead by operational managers and HR managers who presented their company and the opportunities for the fresh graduates.
  • Speed Biz-Dating Sessions, over 70 students are selected to present themselves rapidly (10 minutes) to the representatives of a company and to convince them of their motivation and interest in the company.
  • Industry focused or methodological workshops, that described career paths and helped students rather on their internships or on job search strategies.

To target all the students’ interests, the activities were spread between general themes: International Job Markets, Sports and Entertainment, Financial Advisory and Financial Markets, Private Banking, Monaco Opportunities, Luxury Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management, Luxury Goods, Fashion and Interior Design.

As I am interested in business in Monaco in general, I was curious to find out how we can set up a Business in Monaco. For this reason, I have participated in the workshop: ‘Setting up a business in Monaco’.

Monaco Welcome and Business OfficeAymeric Pazzalia, a representative of “Monaco Welcome and Business Office“, gave us a lot of useful information on how to set up a Business in Monaco and gave tips (websites such as: www.spe.gouv.mc; www.imsee.mc; www.mff.mc) that can help in the firsts steps of the procedure.

I found it very informative about Monaco itself too, because of the video he showed us on the Monaco lifestyle and engagements of the Principality. This is really useful for the foreign students to give them an overview of the country, to show them the massive numbers of companies and the importance of the International side of the Principality.

Basically, all the students who have followed this workshop should have understood the key steps of setting up a Business in Monaco.

In conclusion, these two days enable students to better understand skills in demand and recruitment processes in the most competitive industries and companies. Furthermore, they also permitted to international companies to meet and interact with young talented professionals.


Written by Marine GIUSIO, current Bachelor in Communication and Entertainment Management