Held this year within the university, the event aimed to make IUM students aware of entry level positions, recruitment processes and business activities as well as to develop contacts and networking opportunities with business executives, Human Resource managers and recruiters.

This interaction between students and professionals was structured around three kind of activities:

1- Company presentations: ES-KO, UBS Wealth Management, Hotel Le Metropole, Fraser Yachts, Barclays Wealth, Bank J Safra, Faconnable…

2- Job market overviews presented by specialized recruiters and senior executives: Private Banking in Geneva, Monaco, UK by Ivor Alex from Norman Alex; Private Equity job market trends in the EMEA by Gail McManus, from PErecruit UK, the leading recruiting company in PE/VC ; and the Singapore Job markets by Jean-Christophe Lega, Biagio Curci and Shu Hi Lim, 3 executives who have been working in or with Singapore for many years.

3- Open Discussions where business professionals shared their experience with students: Nicolai Mikkelsen and Michael Page made the introductory session on “the Do’s and don’ts in job hunting”; and two successful serial entrepreneurs, Anita Di Sotto and Kate Powers shared their experiences in setting up businesses during a 45 minutes inspirational and positive lecture.

IUM students also discovered specific business models through the presentation of ES-KO, a leading international company in logistics/construction in “extreme” geopolitical situations; as well as “non-common” career paths as the job of Yacht Broker, through the amazing testimonial of Stuart Larsen, from Fraser Yachts.

Besides the lectures and discussions, 2 IUM meeting rooms were booked to host student interviews: 87 interviews were scheduled during those days, many of which will lead to internships or permanent jobs.