During their 3rd career seminar, all MBA students (residential and blended format) were together to train their presentation skills.

During panel interviews, residential MBAs received concrete feedback on body language, tone of voice, length and quality of answers, etc. from their classmates and guests from the business world.

In the meantime, the blended MBAs practiced presenting themselves to different type of persons: client, board meeting, project manager, and investor. They explained what value they add to their team and company, showed skills in small talk, made conversation and presented the organisation.


3rd career seminarFor the different panel interviews, IUM welcomed Dennis de Munck, Director Talent Acquisition at Ferrari, Jesper Madsen and Frank Knudsen, Partners at DNA & Kennedy Executive, Colin Calder, Founder & CEO at Passive Systems, Peter Thompson, Managing Director at TWW Yachts, Steve Jackson, Founder at Asperton Insurance Advisors and Jason Duggan, Superyacht broker at TWW Yachts. Thank you to them for sharing their professional insights with our MBAs.

In the afternoon, MBAs played Dragon’s Den (based on a famous British television series). “What could Steve Jobs have done for Monaco?” was the topic given to the MBAs! They had to pitch their business ideas in order to secure investment finance from a panel of venture capitalists (played for the day by FERRARI, Kennedy Executive, TWW Yachts, Passive Systems and Asperton Insurance Advisors).

This 3rd career seminar took place at IUM during one of the compulsory Milestone Weeks during which MBAs usually attend courses, team activities, business simulation, business networking opportunities, guest lectures, etc.


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Strenghts of our MBA program:

  • Flexible program: fit around a busy working schedule
  • Strong focus on entrepreneurship: 25% of our MBA Alumni have created their own successful businesses
  • Project based learning with a 9-month consulting project
  • A dedicated career and personal development coach for the MBA students
  • Exploration of alternate business models via learning trips