The “1st workshop on preventing accounting scandals: Practices and practitioners” took place at IUM on the 14 and 15 March 2019.

The workshop aimed at exploring practices and practitioners behind accounting scandals under different perspectives in order to bring out new research questions on this area.

Twenty-three academics from nine different countries discussed fifteen papers and provided inspiring insights behind the complex world of financial accounting.

The participants have been highly engaged in a debate about the macro-economic, institutional setting, and firm-level scenario that may provide incentive to accounting misreporting. They have also emphasized the importance of the role of universities and academics in instilling in students strong ethical behaviours also through the development of a climate of fairness, professionalism and justice during their courses

1st workshop on preventing accounting scandals

The workshop has developed a friendly atmosphere and has been a networking occasion for accounting academics who have also appreciated the attention that the workshop has given to the topic of ethics in accounting.

Last but not least, they have enjoyed few days in a sunny and wonderful location in the heart of the Cote d’Azur.

Written by Dr. Domenico Campa, Professor in Accounting

This event is organized by the EIASM (European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management) and co-organized & hosted by IUM. 


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