university contest premium service On April 15th, IUM has organized the 1st university contest on Premium Services. The finale took place at the Monaco Yacht Club, partner of this event. Students enrolled in the IUM’s MSc in Luxury Management, could write a business plan where innovation, premium services and charity were the main goals. They could of course use their main interests to find original idea.

20 teams representing 30 different nationalities have competed and only 7 were chosen to participate to the finale. They have presented their project in front of a prestigious jury gathering representatives of major international luxury brands, and chaired by Eric Althaus, President at ALTHAUS Yachting.

university contest premium service

The “One Life Monaco” team (4 students from Canada, Kazakhstan, India and Austria) won the competition.  “One Life Monaco” concept can be explained by one simple example as one of the team member said: “One little boy always had the dream to be a teacher … He grew to be an entrepreneur, stuck in his success to the point of never again having the luxury to ponder his first dream.” This is how One Life Monaco enters in the game to be a life changer. Our team is able to provide that man with the experience of his life by giving him the tools needed and surrounding him in an environment where he can be the teacher he always wanted. This is what matters, the experience that allows going back to your roots and original values to achieve your one dream. It’s not, about common experiences; it’s about your dreams. We meet and exceed that yearning for our clients one life experience. We are inspired by the dreams of our clients and we inspire our clients to dream. This is our signature, and it means everything.”

university contest premium service

The winning team won a luxury night sponsored by the Maya Bay restaurant, Diva, and VITALE.

Following the success of this 1st edition, IUM hopes that this contest will become a yearly luxury meeting for all European Universities.