MBA Mentorship Program

Launched in 2005, the Mentorship program has been an incredible asset for the MBA students, who can benefit from the guidance of CEOs, top executives, and successful entrepreneurs.


According to the specific interest and the unique profile of the student, the counselors of the Career Services along with the MBA program Director select and contact a top executive, entrepreneur, investor with a significant experience in the field of interest of the student. The mentor accepts to meet the student 4 times in a year, and share insights, experience, information, professional network that could significantly support the student’s project or job search strategy.

In these last 12 years , this Mentorship Program has involved more than 150 top executives and entrepreneurs from various countries and industries and has created fruitful, interesting and long term relationships between students and professionals, as between IUM and professionals.

An interview between Christine Barrett (MBA) and her mentor, Franco de Togni (PUMA)

What would you consider the benefits of the MBA Mentorship Program?

Christine: Apart from sharing experience and knowledge, the MBA Mentorship Program has exposed me to industry professionals and networking opportunities. It is not mandatory for a mentor to do this; it is up to the individual how much they are involved in each others’ lives. Also, it’s good to have an outsiders’ perspective and guidance that helps you make professional decisions. Personally, I believe Franco and I will be friends in future too. In short, I will take away courage, self-esteem, friendship and extensive industry knowledge.

Franco: Whilst following Christine’s flow of projects, I got a clear sense of the intensity, and the variety of topics she’s been exposed to, which led me to stay very much motivated to try matching with equal focus and resilience with all the information I could exchange to support all that from my behalf and – especially – with a constant push to stay informed, to look up for new things, and to share my opinion and advice about the topics that Christine keenly brought up in the conversation. This mentorship collaboration with Christine has opened for me a freshly new channel of thinking and ultimately a genuine friendship with her.

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Yearly Networking Cocktail Party

This Mentorship Program creates direct links between Monaco’s dynamic business and entrepreneurial community, and the MBA’s internationally diverse and professionally experienced student body. Through this opportunity to develop ongoing relationships with successful professionals, they gain a unique appreciation of the industry or practice which most interests them.

As the highlight of the mentorship program, the yearly networking cocktail party 2017 gathered over 150 people for meeting up, interacting and “networking” … a friendly way to better understand the local business dynamics and to be introduced to entrepreneurs, investors, senior executives in various fields, – hospitality, banking, investments, fashion, import/export, event management, sport business.

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