Career Development and Corporate Relations

As important as the academic MBA curriculum, is our commitment to ensuring that you have ongoing opportunities to meet and network with members of the business and entrepreneurial community for which Monaco is so well known.


You will also participate in an innovative Talent & Career Development Program, inspired from corporate best practices in talent management and high flyer development programs.

It aims to help you to create and implement an individual development plan, scheduled throughout the year with short and medium term objectives, which are monitored by professional coaches and career counselors.

This MBA program enables you to acquire the transferable skills that are sought-after by companies, and to target jobs that fit their skills and interests. The T&CD Program combines the tools of Assessment & Development Centers with interactive «self selling» workshops; business role-play games and simulations. It is completed by a Mentorship Program which recommends to all eligible MBA students their own business executive working in the targeted job area.

The aim of the Corporate Projects is to expose you to the realities of working in selected teams on actual issues, challenges, problematic or growth opportunities confronting companies today. We intentionally invite a wide selection of companies from all sectors and of all sizes to participate in this program.

You, working closely with the point of contact within the company, will have to analyze the situation, embark on relevant research, assess pros and cons, and present and substantiate their recommendations to the company. Groups will be graded by faculty, the MBA program director, and senior management of the company. Examples include market entry and development strategies for different regions, growth and M&A alternatives, global supply chain and logistics decisions.

Organizations such as Puma, Fairmont Hotel, Façonnable, the Monaco Venture Capital Association, Bottega Veneta, and Easy Group are amongst those which have been involved in such projects.

For more than ten years, the International University of Monaco has been offering a unique Mentorship Program for its MBA students. This Mentorship Program creates direct links between Monaco’s dynamic business and entrepreneurial community, and the MBA’s internationally diverse and professionally experienced student body.

Thanks to this program, you have the exceptional experience of benefitting from the guidance, insight and knowledge of CEOs, top executives, and successful entrepreneurs from a variety of sectors and countries. Every year this program involves more than 25 mentors and has been an outstanding contribution to students’ overall experience here, and the achievement of their professional goals.

Through this opportunity to develop ongoing relationships with successful professionals, you gain a unique appreciation of the industry or practice which most interests you. This is not only beneficial for your studies, but also assists in your career aspirations.

Alumni Testimonials

It’s not about the brand of the school, it’s about what you get out of it. I was accepted at HBS but I had all these projects in Europe; I couldn’t afford to go over there. I decided to come to Monaco and it was the best decision of my life.

At IUM, we were in a class of 20; everybody knew each other by name. At Harvard, there were supposed to be 920 of us in 10 classes. With 920 students, it’s hard to stand out to investors… The MBA in Monaco was fantastic. I started MoneyMailMe, found new investors, business partners, and scaled the business 100 times over. Now, it has a valuation of over €30 million ($33 million). IUM gave us access to a lot of business events and leading executives in Monaco. One of the guys who assessed my MBA corporate project is now chairman of my company and an investor.

I have a lot of friends doing MBAs, and their mentor is just another professor. At IUM, we were matched with world-class entrepreneurs; guys who build big businesses from zero. My mentor sold his company for €460 million ($516 million) during my MBA. It was the perfect match. Now, we’re very good friends.

It’s definitely a good investment. You come to Monaco to network and do things you cannot do anywhere else in the world.

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INSEEC U. undertakes that the collection and processing of your data made from this website, comply with the General Regulations on Data Protection (GRDP) and the Data Protection Act.
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