Learning Objectives 



Analyze complex business situations to develop proper strategies critically.



– Master critical business functions and management theories.
– Understand the processes to drive change and motivate people



Make business decisions taking into account the impact on different stakeholders.



Deliver well-structured and compelling messages.



Work collaboratively in a multicultural group toward achieving shared objectives.

Learning from Monaco  – a dynamic, diverse and rapidly evolving business environment

Our symbiotic relationship with the Principality of Monaco provides a dynamic, entrepreneurial, luxurious, evolving, and exciting classroom for our students. Not only will students gain a thorough and integrated understanding of business functions and disciplines, and the ability to apply management theories in practice, they will also be able to learn from what Monaco does best. Monaco has an unrivalled expertise in the fields of luxury services and wealth management, and through a series of conferences, seminars and events, as well as optional electives in the fields of luxury management and wealth management, students can gain insights, and contacts, in these sectors.

MBA Students following these optional electives are typically interested in building or enhancing their careers in one of the numerous financial sectors—such as wealth management, private equity and venture capital, M&A, or real estate investing, amongst others— or to manage the financial activities and functions within an organization.
Electives in this field are geared for MBA students who would either like to enter the luxury sector, or fast track their careers in it. Courses cover the unique market and competitive characteristics of different luxury sectors, such as fashion, jewelry, yachting, private aviation, real estate, hospitality and event management, etc.

Student Testimonials

I chose to study the MBA program in Monaco because IUM offers a unique possibility to be part of a tailor-made experience learning in a uniquely multicultural environment surrounded by the world’s top entrepreneurs having the opportunity to meet face to face, to network and to learn directly from them.

I had the best year doing my MBA at IUM. I came out of the MBA program with so much relevant knowledge, ready to start my new business upon graduating.
The professors are beyond helpful, and the network you create can impact your life forever!

The MBA at IUM developed my entrepreneurial mindset in a multicultural and dynamic environment which has been essential for managing my company. Small classes allow for a personal relationship with the professors, who I am still in contact with today!

IUM’s master class weeks, which happen four times over the course of the program, were particularly enjoyable, involving career development activities, networking events and business simulations. Receiving direct feedback from top executives and business directors has been crucial to my personal and professional development.

The biggest advantage of IUM is the small class size. We got a lot of attention compared with other universities. The professors were very emotionally invested in the students; they knew us personally and they had a lot of time for us. Even now, they’re more than happy to support us in any way they can.

The Monaco MBA has given me exceptional educational experience. Inspiring and skillful teachers have helped me to develop my skills within Innovation Management, Business Development and Managerial Management.

It’s not about the brand of the school, it’s about what you get out of it. I was accepted at HBS but I had all these projects in Europe; I couldn’t afford to go over there. I decided to come to Monaco and it was the best decision of my life.

I have already used many of the skills I learned in Monaco including, but not limited to, financial accounting and financial evaluations as well as building a strong presentation. I definitely could not do my job without my Monaco MBA.

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INSEEC U. undertakes that the collection and processing of your data made from this website, comply with the General Regulations on Data Protection (GRDP) and the Data Protection Act.
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