One Common Core, Three Unique Specializations

You are given the unique opportunity to focus, if they wish, on one of three specific tracks: Applied Finance, Luxury Management, and Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.


This option has been designed to allow those students who have a clear professional goal or industry in mind to acquire the theoretical tools and practical insights to rapidly make their way in their chosen careers.

MBA Students following this Career Track are typically interested in building or enhancing their careers in one of the numerous financial sectors—such as wealth management, private equity and venture capital, M&A, or real estate investing, amongst others— or to manage the financial activities and functions within an organization through such courses as risk management and macroeconomics for financial forecasting.

Given the economic characteristics of Monaco, as well as the profile of many of our MBA students, the IUM MBA in Applied Finance also offers electives in family wealth preservation and optimization strategies, and in wealth and investment management strategies.

This Career Track has been designed for those MBA students who would either like to enter the luxury sector, or fast track their careers in it. The IUM MBA Luxury Management specialization takes an integrated view of luxury.

The Master of Business Adminstration students will be exposed to the unique market and competitive characteristics of different luxury sectors, such as fashion, jewelry, yachting, private aviation, real estate, hospitality and event management, etc. IUM MBA Luxury students will also be able to focus on specific luxury career functions, such as marketing, communication and branding; retail buying and merchandising; or luxury tourism marketing and sales, amongst others.

This track is geared for those MBA students whose goals could range from setting up their own businesses; becoming more entrepreneurial –or “intrapreneurs”—within organizations; leading innovation management projects across a variety of organizational, technological and geographic settings; or understanding and successfully tapping into new geographic markets or digital applications and opportunities.

Classes are both theoretical as well as applied, with subjects ranging from entrepreneurship and creating new businesses and business models; mobile marketing strategies; social media marketing; global policy and sustainability; or doing business in Asia.

Those MBA students who seek broader and more interdisciplinary perspectives during their MBA program may select electives from across these three specializations. Moreover, exposure to new subjects, ideas and people—a vital ingredient of the IUM MBA—can alter a student’s career aspirations. Therefore students of the master of Business Administration may change their initial specialization choices at any time.

In addition to our full time faculty, guest speakers and adjunct professors from the realms of luxury, finance and entrepreneurship —all very well represented in Monaco— further enhance the hands on and applied focus of these Career Tracks.

Alumni Testimonials

IUM appreciates entrepreneurially minded people. And the MBA meant easy access to Monaco which was an interesting place to start my brand.

The biggest advantage of IUM is the small class size. We got a lot of attention compared with other universities. The professors were very emotionally invested in the students; they knew us personally and they had a lot of time for us. Even now, they’re more than happy to support us in any way they can.

Joining the MBA program at IUM was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It was 10-months of non-stop learning, experiencing, living and fun. IUM is a truly unique learning experience that is both challenging and rewarding. The wonderful backdrop of Monaco provides an opportunity for IUM to draw some of the most amazing professors from all corners of the globe and all corners of the business world.

Also, a truly global class filled with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, from all different backgrounds, gave me the chance to learn just as much from my peers as I did from my professors. Our class worked together to accomplish more than we ever thought possible, and we all left with lifelong friendships. The day after returning home from Monaco, I was contacted by, and now work for, an insurance software provider as a Business Management Analyst. As they have a global presence the recruited me because of my international MBA.

I have already used many of the skills I learned in Monaco including, but not limited to, financial accounting and financial evaluations as well as building a strong presentation. I definitely could not do my job without my IUM MBA.

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