Some of the Courses offered in the MSc in Marketing of Luxury Goods and Services

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and subject to change

This course investigates the dynamics of human behavior and how it relates to decision making in the global marketing environment.
We explicitly will discuss:
1. The perceptions of marketing in management, society, and the boardroom, leading to a definition of marketing deriving from the students.
2. The move from a goods-dominated, over a service-dominated, to-wards an experience-dominated economy.
3. From this evolutionary viewpoint we will discuss the role of the customer, and managing the customer experience (CX), for the or-ganization.
4. Next, we discuss practical applications of this shift towards cus-tomer-experience-centricity and its challenges from both, scholarly, and managerial perspectives.
5. We then convert these discussions and focus on omni-channel management, and the challenges it triggers on both, a strategic, and operational level, highlighting the different phases of customer inter-actions (pre, during, after purchase/consumption) and how the em-phasis on different stages influences performance.
There are many different perspectives on brands and branding. To establish successful brands, managers need to understand the impact of these perspectives on brand building processes. This course will introduce you to the most widespread and some very recent ideas concerning the nature of a brand and their impact on branding.

The course will combine brand management knowledge with practical application, and develop a framework for understanding the essential ingredients of effective branding. The course covers topics such as brand positioning, architecture, extension, monitoring, image building and change, brand personality and identity, internal branding, and brands as social processes. We will discuss how to analyze, to design and to influence brands and branding processes.

  • Get acquainted with the opportunities and limitations associated with innovation methods, especially from a marketing perspective
  • Learn about how companies are rethinking their business models and which methods they use
  • Work on hand-on case studies and get inspired by top brands around the globe how they master the challenges (Siemens and Swarovski Optik)
  • Identify mechanisms and potentials of consumer focused strategies and learn more about strategic management and its value for marketing
  • Identify and discuss mega, macro and micro trends and what they mean from a marketing perspective
  • Collaboratively work in groups on current business decisions as well as challenges and develop own strategies and present them in elevator pitches
Marketing research provides managers’ information and knowledge of various aspects of the market in order to make better and justified decisions. This course provides a comprehensive knowledge in marketing research and hands-on exercises in planning and executing research as well as analyzing the findings to make decisions.

Students will:

  • Get acquainted with the opportunities and limitations associated with market research methods
  • Become familiar with standard data collection methods, such as qualitative studies, experimental studies, surveys, and secondary data
  • Develop the skills needed to interpret market research
  • Understand the key methods that can be used to analyze data
Overview of the main digital trends and introduction to digital strategic media planning.

This course is delivered by CREA Geneve, the reference in training students for careers in the fields of marketing, communication, digital and artistic direction in Switzerland.

Professional Immersion (Internship, Thesis or Applied Project)

At the end of the academic year, the applied research project or the internship offer you the opportunity to apply the theory gained in the courses and to further develop your interests and competencies in a chosen field of specialization.

In your internship search, you are supported by all IUM faculty members and by the IUM Career Office that provide you with information and guidance on the marketing job market places and help you throughout the year to carefully prepare your applications in these competitive markets.

Anchored in the IUM teaching philosophy, most of the Digital Marketing courses combine the rigorous theoretical approach of IUM professors with the concrete views of marketing professionals.

Throughout the year, renowned marketing experts come at IUM to share their view on international markets trends, forecasts or on the innovation.

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